News Roundup for May 2nd, 2014

Contents Under Pressure

Blast the cookie crumbs out of your keyboard and the cobwebs from between your ears with the NWER air duster from Network Engineering. The can is adorned with the company mascot, 17-year old high school sophmore Netan. Want to peak into her personal life? Lucky for you she keeps a 4-koma online diary so you don't even need to become Facebook friends to cyberstalk her.

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All Your Bass are Belong to Us

In the new video for the song C.P.U !?, nine-piece idol group Cheeky Parade does a barrel roll, takes off every Zig, fights for everlasting peace and reps everything great about the generation of cartridge gaming. This remix was programmed by chiptune DJ Hige Driver who deleted the typical pop synth sections for a booming flood of square waves. If only more idols used lo-fi beats--and Mode 7 graphics!

Cheeky Parade official homepage:
Hige Driver official homepage:

A Different Kind of Anime Pilgrimage

Want to take a cultural tour of Japan? Then lace up your hiking boots and sling your rucksack because the Shikoku Henro is calling. The pilgrimage will take you to 88 temples across 1200 kilometers for a two-month walking tour. Alternatively you could tune in to Ohenro -Hachi Hachi Aruki-, a program produced by ufotable that follows three high school girls as they ditch school to challenge the course and banter about local trivia.

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Oooh, Sick Burn

The live action version of Rurouni Kenshin may have changed the sadistic swordsman Shishio from a charismatic bandaged freak into a hot dog that spent too much time in the microwave, but don't tell that to his over-cooked face. The new trailer for Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends promises action, action and more action! Japan's summer blockbuster season will be off to a late start when part one opens on August 1st.

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