Play with Madoka at Sega Arcades

A girl playing a crane game dressed as Madoka. Anywhere else in the world this scene would be buzzworthy but in Akihabara it's business as usual. Except this isn't some random cosplayer--she's an arcade employee, and she's getting paid to play! Puella Magi Madoka Magica has joined Sega to bring magic and miracles to arcades throughout Japan--not to mention enough limited-edition character goods to purify the cloudiest Soul Gem. 

Their Asonde + Moraeru "Play and Win" campaign ensures that everyone walks away with a prize even if you have butter fingers when it comes to the crane claw. Every 500 yen you plunk into the UFO catcher nets you one point and one character clear file, while purchasing 2000 yen in medals for the slot games is worth ten points and a set of six clear files. You can then exchange ten points for an SD figure. There are two sets of three--Mami and Homura in a gunfight with Bebe in the middle, and Nagisa and Sayaka chillin' with Godoka. Once you collect 'em all you can pimp your play set with a glossy enamel finish and track lighting for an additional ten points per set. I'll let you do the math. 

But if you're going to try to snag the limited edition Dark Orb cookies, metal candy tins and HomuHomu cakes either way you might as well get something for your trouble, right?

The promotion is being held at Sega arcades nationwide but the two in Akihabara are on a different level! If you thought it was easy to lose track of time in an arcade before, the decorations transform the space into an inescapable witch barrier. No worries though. There's a bathroom, drinking fountains and enough food in the crane games to survive until you find your way out.

Event dates: April 24th-June 1st
Official homepage: