Maids Hop to it at Gochiusa Collaboration Cafe

They're on the streets, on the stage and on even on the side of buildings--Akihabara has turned into idol central. Not that I mind. But sometimes it's nice to get back to basics and relax at a maid cafe. Or more specifically, a cafe, with maids. As we're about the find out, the two are completely different!

Ah, just the sort of rustic cubbyhole I was looking for. Red brick and wood, all it needs is a fireplace and it could be the set of a Studio Ghibli movie. Wait, what's that on the left?

Aha! An Is the Order a Rabbit? gacha-gacha machine. This is Akihabara, after all. But everything else about the place is so quaint. Could it be...

...that we stumbled upon the real-life version of the Rabbit House cafe? Well, not exactly. But it turns out that it's the next best thing. 

Welcome to Schatz Kiste, a private library curated by maids. Visitors are free to read books, borrow board games and drink as much of the complimentary ceylon tea as they like. There's even free Wi-Fi!

Of course, the real draw is the GochiUsa collaboration menu! Enjoy latte art with the Chino-chan cappuccino, or try the exotic offerings imported from Chiya's Japanese tea house, Ama Usa An, with the "blue moon" matcha latte.

Each order comes with a coaster so it's tempting to overdose on caffeine. I hope your constitution is stronger than Sharo-chan's!

Speaking of, these rabbit and moon-shaped herb cookies were provided by Fleur de Lapin. The Tippy bread was baked in-house and is filled with a sweet and chunky mix of red carrots and blackberry jam. They only make so many pieces per day, so get 'em while they last! You can see them coming out of the oven on the official Twitter account.

While we were able to snap this signed script, unfortunately we weren't allowed to photograph the maids, framed posters or design materials. You'll just have to visit in person! It's worth going if only to hold Tippy. He's as soft and fluffy as he looks, and you don't need to order a cup of coffee to pet him!

Event dates: May 8th-May 31st
Address: 6-5-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 
Hours: 12:00-22:00 (500 yen/30 minutes)
Official homepage: