News Roundup for May 14th, 2014

Jellyfish Gonna be Jelly

Takashi Murakami is rocking the art world once again, this time by teaming up with Pharrell Williams and his giant Vivian Westwood hat on a remix of the theme to Murakami's seminal Jellyfish Eyes film! This epic hipster tag team may be just what Hatsune Miku needs to join the cool kids club. Don’t worry livetune--she’ll still be your friend. Just don’t expect her to sit with you at lunch anymore.

Caution: May Void Warranty

The year is 2080. One in five humans are born with super powers that range from the ability to control the elements, boost their physical ability or stop time itself. Schools across Japan establish a super power club for these unique individuals. But as plot would have it, your club is in danger of being disbanded unless you win the next national competition! In Trigger Kiss, the upcoming otome game for the PS Vita, it's up to you to charge your team by kissing their man parts. Of course could also just tap the touch screen, but where's the fun in that?

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Appleseed Gets the Wub-wub-wub it Deserves

Mecha designer turned director Shinji Aramaki banking on the third time being the charm in his latest attempt to make a good CG adaptation of Masamune Shirow's cyberpunk classic, Appleseed. The upcoming prequel titled Appleseed Alpha will flesh out the back stories of the heroine Deunan and Briareos, her rabbit-eared cyborg partner with his voice modulator set to "Batman." Dub-step to their adventures on Blu-ray and DVD this July 22nd.

Customize Your Fantasy

Alright, let's face it--Final Fantasy Type-0 will never be released in the west. But English-speaking audiences can look forward to the next best thing with Final Fantasy Agito, a smartphone spin-off that is promised a localization somewhere down the road. Famitsu has just released a series of clips demonstrating the character creation options and the academy that serves as the world hub. And you guys were bashing Square-Enix for focusing too mich on mobile!


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Flavor of the Week 

Starting this October the manga serial Weekly Shounen Sunday will release a series of special editions with an OVA DVD pack-in. The seven titles include Adventure of Sinbad, Hayate the Combat Butler, Mushibugyo and others. Sure, a one-shot special isn't the same as a TV series, but less is more, right? Or at least, more than nothing.

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Negative Hallowed be Thy Name

I went to school with a girl who had the exact same powers as Perona and she didn't even need the ghosts! Everyone who had to sit by her wound up looking a lot like these One Piece character straps after the Negative Hallows have had their way with them. The latest round launches this July and features the series debut for Bon Clay and an 80mm Princess Shirahoshi! More info and past releases can be found on their official website below.

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