Preview: Excellent Model Dragon's Crown Sorceress 1/7 Complete Figure by MegaHouse

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews.

Previously we previewed the Elf and Amazon from Dragon's Crown. Today we're going to round out our all-female party with the sultry Sorceress.

Dragon's Crown - Sorceress 1/7 Complete Figure [Excellent Model]

The Sorceress is the ultimate support class no small thanks to her corset. Her presence on the battlefield means the difference between bouncing with joy in victory and sagging in defeat. 

She may be a practitioner of the dark arts but her skin is as white as cream. The way her milky thigh slides out from behind the high slit of her purple dress offers a striking color palette tasty enough to make my palate water.

The only wrinkles you'll find on this lady of the night are on her outfit! Her form-fitting corset is either lined with the folds in the fabric or the muscles of her flat tummy showing through. In comparison the lace brassiere is pulled too taught to allow even a single crease, but this lets you focus on the true testament of the sculptor's prowess--the detailed embroidery, of course! 

Sliding along her silky-smooth thighs to the side gives us an eyeful of her most valuable asset--curse magic! How many men have leaped upon her only to be transformed into a toad? As cute as it is, I hope she washes her fingers after dangling the croaker. Wouldn't want to get warts now.

No, we weren't dexterous enough to sneak around her backside. We're actually on the receiving end of her booty bomb dash attack! The knock back is worth it to witness the curves of her butt cheeks push up through her dress like the skin of ripe plum. You're welcome to try and pull out the pit! 

Behold my powers of levitation! Granted I can only float a few feet off the ground but that's all you need to get a sweet peek. From here you can notice that her collar bones slope cleanly into the lines of her wide-set breasts which then curve down and back up again into a dizzying loop. My male gaze has gone infinite!

Call off the esoteric treasure hunters, I may have found the Holy Grail! Two of them, actually. From below her breasts look like heavenly goblets rounded off with, well, tantalizing cream pudding. Her cups runneth over.

Removing the wide-brimmed hat gives you a better look at her sleepy eyes. Is she giving me a come-hither stare, or a go-over-there glare? Either way I'm ready to show her a bone dance that would put her summoned skeletons to shame!

Even if you can resist her charms and utility in combat, you can't deny the quality of this dynamic sculpt! From the transparent treatment on the toad to the battle-swept hair, everything about Sorceress is pure witchcraft!

Dragon's Crown - Sorceress 1/7 Complete Figure [Excellent Model]

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