News Roundup for May 13th, 2014

Choreographed Attack

Mankind learned a lesson from Japanese pop culture: When faced with an invincible alien threat, send in the singing school girls! Omega Quintet, the upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG from Compile Heart (the same people behind the combo-tastic Fairy Fencer F), pits Utamiko--diva priestesses--against a malevolent host of monsters known as The Beat. Join the talent show that will determine the fate of the planet when it releases on September 18th.

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A Hero for your Wardrobe

Masaaki Yuasa brings his stylish vision to the Ping Pong anime and the merch needs the pop appeal to match. Groovisions, the design firm behind the show's logo, is ditching the obvious graphic tees and monochrome transfers for something a bit more refined with their fashion forward offerings. Check out the full line of t-shirts, hoodies, socks and more at their webstore below.

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Akira Lives

Hollywood, you can stop now. The fans have succeeded in taking back Akira, which makes the big-budget live-action remake all the more unwanted. In 2012 a group of passionate filmmakers got together to recreate classic scenes from the animated masterpiece and thanks to funding from Indiegogo they've finally made their vision of Neo-Tokyo a reality.

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Summertime Blues

You can literally taste dem feels dripping from the latest trailer for Free! Eternal Summer. Or maybe it's chlorine--which would explain why my eyes are tearing up. Anyhow, tune in this July for the splash hit anime's second season!

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Law of Time

No character takes a licking and keeps on ticking quite like Trafalgar Law, so this premium watch modeled after him and the Op-Op fruit comes as little surprise. This is One time Piece you can't afford to miss! Speaking of time, we are out of it for today!

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