News Roundup for April 24th, 2014

Starboard Crusaders

With 22.5k followers in its first day, Shimakaze and the other Kan Musu are looking to crash Twitter’s servers along with their own! This fleet of moe juggernauts is only gaining momentum as their popularity plows forward. If you can’t beat 'em, you might as well follow them.

KanColle Anime Official Twitter:

Hunks of Burning Love

If that first headline has you hot and bothered this one will set your pants on fire. But don't worry, it'll put it out too. Kongo and a handful of other Kan Musu have been given firefighter custom jobs by an employee of Shizuoka's Liquor Shop Suzuki. Click the link below for more of the public service posters they made and to help them get the Guinness World Record for most heavily trafficked liquor store website.

Liquor Shop Suzuki Website:

Career Opportunities

What happens when Eren has exterminated the last titan and the war ends? After the celebrations have calmed down, the only thing left for Levi and the gang to survey will be the help wanted pages. Luckily for them MyNavi Baito has a comprehensive and easy to use system for those in need of a part-time job. Maybe the participation points and exclusive goods will be just the thing the NEETs need to go out and get a job today! Or tomorrow.

Official Website: