Getting Tispy with Tokusatsu Monsters at Kaiju Sakaba

After a long day of being blasted by energy beams and outsmarted by earth children, giant monsters need a place to unwind. Thankfully they have the Kaiju Sakaba, a place where they can lower their force fields to chill with their brow-beaten brothers in arms and throw back a few brews.  

An ancient alien ziggurat is such an obvious hideout that it's the last place that the Science Special Search Party would think to check! Unfortunately it's the new hot night spot for middle-aged salary men that grew up watching Ultraman. Either arrive early, get a group of five or more for a reservation, or be prepared for a wait.

Security is as tight as a drum. They made me stick my hand in Jamiler's mouth to prove that I wasn't a transforming superhero or a member of the SSSP. If his eyes glow, you're good. If he chomps off your fingers, you had it coming! 

Our host led us past the bar decorated with toys and action figures. The clawprints on the ground show how much foot traffic the place gets. What sort of extraterrestrial cocktails could the mixologists be brewing?

If only we came with a larger group we could have rented out the banquet hall. Our next (rubber) suit and tie affair will be here for sure.

The other rooms are private booths done up in different Ultra Kaiju themes. Alien Baltan is printed onto your swag serving dish and everyone gets one randomly assorted chopstick holder as a door prize. Sorry, my Pygmon is not up for trade.

Once we settled into our room we took a moment to soak in the creepy theremin tracks playing in the background. The moody music was straight from the old TV shows--very rad. 

After deciding our order we pressed the Color Timer-themed buzzer to summon the waiter. I dig the Dada shirt.

Draft beers come in a novelty mug and there's also cocktails inspired by kaiju. The Eleking Sour--note the antenna-like straws--zapped my tongue with shochu more potent than lightning. If after a few too many you feel the urge to go on rampage, the following dishes should quell your appetite for destruction. 

The Scientific Special Search Party HQ toast gratin is begging to be blown up! The creamy mix of macaroni cheese, broccoli and beef was just like what Mom used to make.  

With this Color Timer Jambalaya you can live the dream and mash Ultraman's energy source into a delicious paste. Just watch out for the field of paprika surrounding it--if you don't finish the dish in three minutes, the spice will kill you! 

Finally, the Twin Tail fried shrimp was as high-calorie as it was high-concept. Bacon wrapped shrimp! If there's one kaiju plot guaranteed to doom mankind, this is it.

Sadly, not all plots are created equal. For every episode there's another poor monster or alien suffering through their worst day ever. Guests are encouraged to post counter-strategies to help the villains triumph over Ultraman and the human heart. Of course, it's hard to filter the honest advice from the trolls. 4chan for kaiju? 

There's no shortage of silly props hidden around the joint, including goons plotting world domination, a recreation of the infamous Alien Metron tatami room negotiation scene from Ultraseven and stray body parts that ended up in the lost-and-found. Perhaps the shows have proven themselves so endearing because they don't take themselves too seriously.

On our way out it was hard to pass through the gift shop without picking something up. You can drink anything out of the glass mugs, it doesn't have to be beer! Fill 'er up with hot cocoa, an ice cream float or the manly tears you shed as another kaiju has their life cut tragically short. If Ultraman taught me anything, it's that monsters have feelings too! Sometimes they need a drink the same as the rest of us.

Restaurant dates: March 14th 2014-March 14th, 2015
Address: 3-1 Honmachi, Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa-ken
NOF Kawasaki Higashi-guchi Building B1F
Hours: 16:30-24:00 (Open every day)
Official homepage: