Preview: ToHeart2 - Sasara Kusugawa Gym Class (Pool Arc) 1/6 Complete Figure by Beat

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Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Sasara Kusugawa, the stern yet sexy senpai introduced in ToHeart2 XRATED, is joining Beat's gym class series just in time for swim lessons! Let’s dive in!


ToHeart2 - Sasara Kusugawa Gym Class (Pool Arc) 1/6 Complete Figure [Beat]

Just like Sasara-senpai's chest, my excitement can hardly be contained! Be careful not to poke your eye out as we move in closer...

Her chest comes vacuum-packed to ensure freshness. You'll be hard pressed to find a better cut of meat anywhere!

The real show starts when you spin her around to reveal the left side. There's so much spillage that the Environmental Protection Agency will be called in to clean up the pool after practice! Her exaggerated hourglass figure is counting down the time it'll take before I have my own natural disaster.

Ignoring the obvious, from the side we can also see how the smart design of her hair takes attention away from seam lines.

And that brings us to my favorite angle, which I like to call "the boob that gravity forgot." Thankfully gravity didn't forget her legs--the slight sag in her right thigh is worth a hundred lesser limbs!

Gotta love a butt so shiny you can use it for Rorschach tests! What do you see? Myself, I can't get past the flesh spilling out the sides. Am I sick, doc?

Here's a poolside view with senpai watching us swim laps. Hey, your nose is bleeding into the water! Better stop staring at that wedgie if you want to survive practice.

Just feast yourself on those big, beautiful, luscious blue eyes! And with nips like this she virtually has two pairs. No matter which I stare at I always feel the cool gaze of the other set judging me.

This figure is an automatic must for all fans of ToHeart2 and school swimsuits alike. The truly brave of heart should also consider picking up the white swimsuit version as well!

ToHeart2 - Sasara Kusugawa Gym Class (Pool Arc) 1/6 Complete Figure [Beat]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.