Preview: RAH Kick-Ass by MEDICOM TOY

Shut Up, Kick-Ass

Hey there, Shizu-Mecha here. The latest RAH is a hero to some and a laughingstock to many. Who else could I be talking about--it's Kick-Ass! He came back kicking more ass than ever in Justice Forever and he's here at the AmiAmi Blog to kick even more today.


Armored in nothing more than a wet suit, ski mask and standard issue construction boots Kick-Ass looks more like an overgrown trick-or-treater than a superhero. I'm happy to say that the budget cosplay look hasn't been lost in the figure translation, and neither has actor Aaron Johnson's reckless expression! 
*Ski mask is unremovable.

What's a hero without their sweet weapons? Kick-Ass actually starts to look cool with his trusty batons in hand! When not in use you can store them on his back, just like in the film.

This two-shot with Hit-Girl from this year's Miyazawa Model Exhibition is sure to strike fear in the hearts of evildoers the world over.

-Release date: January 2015
-Head parts sculptor: Kyoichi Shimazaki
-Costumer: Yumiko Noda
-Height: approx. 300mm
-Includes interchangeable hands and adjustable figure stand

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.