Mekakucity Actors Loafing at Ikebukuro Animate

Don't worry loyal Vocaloid fans, the art style of Mekakucity Actors didn't ruin the characters by giving them freakishly long legs--it's just the perspective. Something tells me that director Akiyuki Shinbo would dig the distorted camera angles.

Head over to the Ikebukuro Animate and you can take trick photography with your favorite member of the Mekakushi Dan. Just make sure to catch your breath at the top of each flight, the climb's a doozy!

Walking up all those stairs sure makes you thirsty. Good thing the Animate Cafe truck was outside the shop spooning out goodies inspired by the otome game Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere Deorum. Haters 'gonna hate, but it takes a true man to put something in his mouth that came out of a truck with a naked dude on the side.