Preview: ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager 1/8 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

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I'll exterminate them all!

Shizu-In-Yer-Face-Giant-Killer-Mecha here. ARTFX J has outdone themselves with their latest male figure, Eren Yeager! If the first figure in their Attack on Titan series is this hardcore I can't wait to see what else is in store for us!

ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

This Eren is engaging a titan in close quarters where his 3D maneuver gear works best. I can practically hear him roar as he launches off the special forest themed base!

Sculptor Tanabeshin rose to popularity with his hyper-real interpretations of overseas franchise beauties. He is applying those same techniques to make the cast of Attack on Titan come blasting off of the page and onto your shelf. Godlike.

There are no wasted efforts in this sculpt. Every tiny detail goes into making the figure feel as though he is really swinging through the air mid-kill. All the seam lines have been incorporated into the design in a way which makes you completely forget you are looking at a figure!

Eren's body language speaks in volumes, but it is his facial expression that really screams "I'm going to make you pay, you..."

His cape is sculpted in such a way that it becomes Eren's very own wings of freedom as he soars through the woods. Of course the wings logo itself is expertly incorporated into the wavy design.

Also of note is the contrast of young Eren's brash, violent movement against the stillness of the old, decaying tree base. It is almost unfair to call it this a base when it adds so much to the overall figure in a way few bases ever have. The discarded blades lodged into the bark and slash marks make you feel the intensity of the battle without even having to look at Eren!

Take off the cape for a better look at the superbly sculpted 3D maneuver gear in action. You can also get a view of Eren's supple neck while you are at it!

The insane attention to detail doesn't end there--we are just getting started! Check out these closeup shots of his gear. Not only do they look darn good, they look real! It's almost a shock when you touch them and don’t feel cold steel.

The sum of all elements of this figure, each fantastic in their own right, add up to something much more when brought together like this. You don't only feel the environment, the emotion, the movement and the character, you feel the Attack on Titan world in full!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Eren is so focused on his goal of freeing his people from the titans that he doesn’t have time to take in the beauty or dwell on the cruelty of the world he is trying to save. If there is one thing you feel when you look at him it is that his life is either kill or be killed. Or even worse--be eaten alive.

ARTFX J - Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.