News Roundup for April 14th, 2014

Moe: It Does a Body Good

Megmilk Snow Brand kept themselves busy last year sifting through design applications taken from Pixiv for Yukico-tan, the anthropomorphic mascot for their milk coffee brand. The top six illustrations ended up on the carton, and now they're holding open auditions for voice actresses. That's right, Yukico-tan is getting an idol unit with Ayane Taketatsu (Azusa from K-On!, Kirino Kousaka from OreImo) as the leader! (She plays Ushicco-tan, fourth from left.) The company is taking video applications via Nico Nico Douga through May 23rd and the girls who make it through the initial screening will advance to a final round of live voting.

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I Won't Depend on Anyone Anymore

Poor HomuHomu. Just when it looked like she had finally found salvation, the cruel doors of fate slide her out of love's sweet embrace. If you think you can handle this heartrending scene in motion, click the image above.


Capcom Signs the Alaska Treaty

Monster Hunter Frontier G continues to make God Eater fans regret their purchase with the upcoming Infinite Stratos promotion. From April 30th you'll be able to dress your character in the IS Academy uniform and equip them with a number of long-range energy weapons. So far there's no news about piloting an IS itself, but we can dream.

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Stomp to My Beat

Let's play anime mad libs: Naru Sekiya is a totally average junior high girl living a quiet life in her nondescript home town. Until one summer she discovers the magic of (noun) and learns to see the world from a new perspective. Fill in the blank with “Yosakoi,” a high-energy traditional Japanese dance performed by teams, and you have the plot of the upcoming anime Hanayamata. With director Atsuko ishizuka (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, No Game, No Life) and script writer Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, Tamako Market) on the project we expect a heaping slice of life to go along with our watermelon this summer.

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The Space Race is Back On

The first TV spot for Aldnoah Zero, the upcoming joint between the Fate/Zero duo, director Ei Aoki and writer Gen Urobuchi, teases our the story. Back in the 70's a warp gate opened on the surface of the moon, drawing Earth into conflict with Mars--though what the Martians want, or how mankind went from landing on the moon to manufacturing mechas in a few short years, remain to be seen.

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