News Roundup for April 11th, 2014

What Nintendon't

SEGA has been developing a secret weapon since they dropped out of the console wars. Meet the Sega Hard Girls, anthropomorphic personifications of their game systems. Even obscure hardware like the TeraDrive, MARK III and SG-1000 received a moe-makeover. Will Genesis-tan, SEGA CD-tan and 32X-tan combine in a three-way tryst, or do they lack the parts required for lock-on technology? We'll have to wait for the anime adaptation to find out!

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You may Remove Your Blindfold

Madoka and Bakemonogatari director Akiyuki Shinbo left his fingerprints all over the extended preview for Mekakucity Actors--sunsets, text cards with film scratches and... Araragi-kun? To be fair, the character designs were already in place long before the anime was green-lit. The show is an adaptation of Kagerou Project, a multi-media Vocaloid franchise cobbled together by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) and given life by Japanese netizens. See what the hardcore fans are flaming the newbs over when it premiers Saturday night.

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Moon Prism Powered

Anime is the jolt that gets me through the day and now it can charge my smartphone as well. Transform your room's ugly wall sockets with these Crystal Star Brooch and Cosmic Heart Compact-shaped USB AC chargers. They're fashionable and the silicone body will protect your device from a stray bolt of Supreme Thunder.

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Ninja Slayer Pulls the Trigger on Anime

In a city overrun by ninja brutality, there is only one man whose karate can set us free. And only one studio with the moxy to animate him for the small screen. With their powers combined, the worlds of Neo-Saitama and Japanimation will never be the same again…

The ancient prophecies have come to pass! Studio Trigger is making a Ninja Slayer anime!! Further details will remain hidden in the shadows until this summer's Anime Expo, but be sure to school yourself on the ways of the ninja with the upcoming English novel (re)translation(?) in the meantime!

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Ore Dayo, Ore. Miku Dayo

Japanese law enforcement has asserted both their cutting edge technology and razor-sharp efficiency yet again with this public service ode to “Ore Ore” fraud sung by Hatsune Miku. Nevermind that people senile enough to fall for phone scams have never heard of the Youtubes or Interwebs and thank the police for finally putting our tax dollars to work on something we can use!