News Roundup for April 1st, 2014

We know our readers are too smart to pull a fast one on (you use AmiAmi, after all), so rather than try to trick you with some lame gag we are going to show you everyone else's in this special April Fools roundup!

Osu! Ora, Obaba!

Kill la Konjac


Man Musu

Armpit Irrigation Revolutionizes Fungi Farms


Premium Pokki Artisnacks

Faster Hello Kitty Cat, Kill Kill!

Sonico's BBW BFF

SEGA Takes Hold of Wearables Market with MEGAne DRIVE

Unapologetically Organic Sony Bashes Genetically Modified Electronics

Noragami Does the Stray Cat Strut

KuroBas is For Chicks

Hamatora's Murasaki & Nice Keep it Real


Men Get It On in BL-1 Grand Prix 2014

Mukku and Gachapin Develop Buddy Complex

Japan's First OtaKawa Magazine "Teenjump"

Is Your Waifu a Rabbit?

Yahoo Maps Improves Service Dramatically

Google Catch 'Em All

Market Previously Untapped By Eva Miraculously Discovered, Tapped