Getting Sick at Kotobukiya in Akihabara

I've got a bad case of eight grade sickness and the only treatment is a trip to the Kotobukiya shop in Akihabara. With the exhibits rotating so quickly we can't catch every one but we do our best. Let's check out the last event that ended on March 26th!

These days I purchase all my music digitally, but if there was a CD store with Super Sonico working as a clerk I might rethink my buying habits. This cardboard standee of our favorite 2D gravure idol dressed as an employee of, Pony Canyon's online shopping site, nearly won me over.  

Aside from the CDs and voice actor goods the event space also had outfits by gothic lolita maker PUTUMAYO that were inspired by Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Heart Throb- to promote the Blu-ray and DVD release. My fashion in high school was far more questionable. Kids with school uniforms have it so much easier because they can hide their affliction. 

Our apologies if these photos woke your evil eye. Though I'd rather be spreading sickness than offering a cure--that's why they used to call me Lord Pestilence. My aversion to bathing might have had something to do with it too. Point and laugh if you want, but don't try to tell me that you don't have a few skeleton in your closet as well!