Soul Sacrifice Fes 2014 at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara

If you want to sign away your life--and soul--for entertainment, there's no better place to come than Akihabara. That explains why bigbox electronics chain Yodobashi Camera was running a launch promotion for the Thursday release of Soul Sacrifice Delta for the PSP.

The sequel to last year's Monster Hunter killer promises new Archfiends, new factions and new spells that will literally cost you an arm and a leg to cast. The updated bestiary borrows pages from fractured fairy tales with this heavily-armored Red Riding Hood as the headliner. 

For those of us able resist the urge to rip open the box and start slaying demons immediately, the storefront had an outdoor gallery of bad-ass concept art. Forget a new Berserk TV series--give me a Soul Sacrifice anime!