Review: Fate/EXTRA CCC - Saber 1/8 Complete Figure by Alphamax

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure reviews.
The Fate/EXTRA CCC video game takes place in an alternate reality where the cast gets new back stories, new voices and most importantly, new costumes! Today's take on Saber is often referred to as Saber Bride for reasons that will become obvious. 

Fate/EXTRA CCC - Saber 1/8 Complete Figure [Alphamax]

Here comes the battle bride! The burnt hem of her wedding dress makes this waifu look like she's been through hell and back. I'd gladly follow her every step of the way through the fire and flames, polishing her boots with my tongue.  

This version of Saber certainly has something extra over her Fate/stay night iteration. With zipper pulled down past her belly button and chain collar firmly in place you might mistake her for a shrieking lily, but her gallant expression shows that she's here to rule. Hail to the king, baby!

On second thought, the zipper isn't lowered--the vinyl suit is too tight to zip up! It's a Herculean task to keep that body under wraps but the zippers and pull tabs are giving it their all. Check out the intricate detail on the teeth if you don't believe me! 

There aren't enough crayons in the box to describe all these shades of white. The dress is marshmallow, the blade is ricotta, the veil is...champagne? I know we have some interior decorators in the audience, help me out here!

When viewed from the back, the bloom of the dress creates a sense of movement in an otherwise static pose. A bridal gown is supposed to be pure white and unspoiled, but the wear along the hemline shows that Saber's character is full of color. The electric blue on her heels lets you know that her lucky husband is in for a shock! 

Speaking of her heels, it was worth getting crushed by her stilettos to get this angle. You can tell that her ample bust is holding the costume in place, not the other way around. And notice how the skirt of the dress is being held in place by a belt--between this and the layers of chains, her outfit offers plenty of secrets to unlock.

Turn down the lights in the chapel and join me in worship. The splayed zipper running from the top of her chest down to her belly button spells “V” for “virgin road.” Yeah, that's what we call the wedding isle in Japan. I'd give anything to walk it with Saber, even if I had to stay 3 steps behind.

Mark your calendar according to the lunar cycle--this TYPE-MOON heroine is begging to go on her honeymoon.  

Fate/EXTRA CCC - Saber 1/8 Complete Figure [Alphamax]
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