Review: Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka Elementary School Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [DreamTech]

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure reviews.
Although the series has concluded, the Oreimo fun train shows no signs of slowing down. Today's choo-choo is hauling a little version of everyone's favorite kid sister, Kirino! Make sure to hold her hand so she doesn't get lost on the way to school.

Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka Elementary School Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [DreamTech]  

You can't pass yourself off as an elementary student unless you're slinging a randoseru! Accessories aside, the chubby cheeks and fat ankles are enough to keep her barred from entering a PG-13 movie without a guardian. But the bangs and eyes are unmistakably Kirino! 

Careful, careful! No sudden movements or we might frighten our little doe off. The randoseru straps hide those of her camisole, making it look like she's wearing a tubetop--not an unlikely scenario for a budding fashion model. 

There's no way my little brother can be this cute! Oh wait, this is supposed to be a girl?! Kirino's at that magical age where she can pass as either sex. Shotacon and otoko no ko fans, take note.

This pose was taken from the cover of volume 11 of the light novel. The square randoseru contrasts with her round expression, and the way it weighs down on her back suggests the secret burden she'll shoulder when she's older.

Putting all of her calories towards athletics has prevented her from developing in other areas. Even the boxy backpack has more curves! Though her slim figure will pay off big when she goes on to pick up modeling gigs to feed her anime habit.

Ah yes, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. The only sicko here is poor 'ol Meshi. But the treatment is working--now I can appreciate this sculpt for its childlike innocence, and nothing more.

And nothing says “innocent” better than the waist of her shorts dipping down as her top is pulled up to reveal an upside-down triangle of skin on the small of her back. Er, I mean, the attention to detail in the way the fabric pulls against her pose is true to life. 

Before she become blonde, bossy and abusive towards her brother, Kirino was a perfect pixie. A little sister needs to be little by necessity, am I right? Preserve this one on your shelf before she grows up.

Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka Elementary School Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [DreamTech]  

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.