Anime Japan 2014 Part 3: Patlabor

Inspired by the military realism driving Girls und Panzer and KanColle, otaku itching to take their air soft games of backyard commando to the next level and are beginning to enlist in the JSDF, but these guys are jumping the gun. I'm holding out for the day that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police establish a Special Vehicle Section. Hey, they already have the robots! Well, props of robots anyway.

The actual AV-98 Imgram used in The Next Generation -Patlabor- film series was standing tall--or rather, laid out flat--in its full eight meters of glory. We couldn't enter the cockpit, though we were allowed to climb up to a walkway for a better view. Now this is my idea of a robo cop! 

A unit of booth girls patrolled the area to bring that human element that Patlabor is famous for. As for the tank tops and hot pants? Well, don't do anything that would make them read you your Miranda Rights.