Anime Japan 2014 Part 2: Good Smile Company

Giant anti-aircraft guns would normally send us running for cover, but Rensouhou-chan was off-duty today as he waved people into the Good Smile Company booth. With a face that innocent you know he's only capable of friendly fire. And every shot fired by Good Smile that weekend was a direct hit!

The combined forces of the KanColle fleet dominated the cosplay area and Good Smile booth. If the Nendoroids, Figmas and scale figures didn't offer enough options as it was, we can expect regular and battle-damaged versions of the girls as well. Start learning your ship girls now so the boat doesn't leave without you when the anime starts this summer.

Kill la Kill had the most impressive display with this Honnouji Academy diorama. It's nice to know that they have a scale figure of Satsuki in production and one of Ryuko in the pipeline, but where's our Bancho Mako?

Mikasa is so godlike that the other characters don't even try to compete. I mean, if she wants to go out there and exterminate all the titans so Eren doesn't break a nail, who are we to stop her?

The ladies of the Anglerfish Team keep the Girls und Panzer war machine well-oiled so the franchise doesn't tank. It's only a few short months before the new OVA hits Japanese theaters in July!

I was about to remark how nostalgic these Fate/stay night characters are when I remembered that the remake is due for the fall! The longer you've been in the fandom, the more often you get anime deja-vu.

It's all about customization! The new line of Nendoroids up top have either exchangeable faces or pajamas, while the Attack on Titan Piku Tamu rubber straps have changeable expressions. Swap 'em, trade 'em, give 'em googly eyes--the choice is yours.

As the cherry blossoms bloom outside, Sakura Miku blooms inside the showcase! We can't wait to get our hands on this little flower and her other Good Smile buds.