News Roundup for March 20th, 2014

For the "Glass Half Full" Types 

The first trailer for P.A. Works original animation Glasslip has me wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for the contemplative quiet of the countryside. Six high school students meet in a small town for a summer vacation that they'll never forget. And when there's an equal mix of guys on girls on the cast, you can bet that the sparks will be fly as bright and fleeting as the fireworks when it airs in July.

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Samurai and Super Robots

Indulge me in a thought experiment--imagine that the Meiji restoration never happened, Japan never opened itself up to the west, and Commodore Perry's black ships were repelled by giant robots. The result would look like Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun, an original spring anime planned by Kazuya Sasahara (Cat Shit One: The Animated Series) with Takashi Watanabe (Shakugan no Shana, Slayers) directing and anime production by J.C. Staff and A.C.G.T. With mecha designs from Makoto Ishiwata of Nitroplus, the robots might be sexier than even the female cast.

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Vocaloid Dualism

There's some competition for the title of cutest ani-song couple--Kagemine Rin and Len are trying to usurp the throne from T.M Revolution and Nana Mizuki with their cover of the pair's Kakumei Dualism, the season two opener for Valvrave the Liberator. The illustration even includes the ridiculous chains and flames from the original music video. Here's hoping the community recreates the entire video with Miku as a gladiator sparring off against Luka draped in an assassin's cloak.

As If Anime Needed More Hairspray

On the topic of over-the-top team-ups, the upcoming compilation album V-ANIME collaboration -homme- puts together visual-kei singers and musicians to cover classic ani-song. We've got Hakui from Penicillin and DaizyStripper's drummer Kazami on Pegasus Fantasy, Maasaki Endo reprising The King of Braves GaoGaiGar with Nightmare guitarist Sakito and the long overdue return of my personal favorite track, FLYING IN THE SKY from G Gundam. Let's see these pretty boys try to stay indifferent as they beat out the hot-blooded hits.

A Design Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk's animation was at the cutting edge of minimalism even by 90's standards and the box art for the upcoming Blu-ray discs continue this proud tradition. The generation of miracles stand to learn something about class from their sempai.

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Ghouls Gone Wild: Terror in Tokyo

Do you believe in mira-ghouls? Acclaimed animation studio Pierrot takes a headshot at the undead craze with an upcoming anime adaptation of cult manga Tokyo Ghoul! Details are scarce for now, but be sure to visit the project’s new website for a key visual to die for!

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