Review: ToHeart2 - Tamaki Kosaka Nurse Cos Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure by Orca Toys

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This is Ginpatski, reporting for duty.
ToHeart2 fans are already intimately familiar with today's character who puts the “big” into “big sister.” I got myself a fever and the only cure is more naughty nurse cosplay!

ToHeart2 - Tamaki Kosaka Nurse Cos Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure [Orca Toys]

Though advertised to be dressed as a nurse, there's hardly enough fabric here to qualify as a costume, much less an outfit. But at the end of the day all you need to make a house call are white medical gloves, a red cross cap and syringe. Are you ready for your booster shot? 

Who knew that something sanitized could be so dirty! I can't tell if she's wearing a bikini or latex underwear, but I can tell you that this big sister isn't shy about being exposed. Playing nurse means seeing your patients in compromising positions, and vice-verse. Now turn your head and cough.

In Japan it's common courtesy to bring fruit when visiting someone in the hospital and Tamaki is ready to service her ward with a pair of melons. Don't bother rapping them to test for ripeness--they're plenty full and ready to fall off the vine. The only thing holding them in place is Tamaki squeezing them together.  

Moving lower, we lose the separation between top and bottom boob, creating a hypnotic pendulum shape. It looks like her breasts are hanging free with the bikini straps as the only thing keeping those teardrops from falling. And the further you crane up the further your gaze goes down her slippery cleavage. A death defying tour-de-force from any angle! 

Nine out of ten medical experts agree that staring at breasts for ten minutes a day can drastically increase your life expectancy. But like my nightly glass of red wine, it's best to indulge such things in moderation.

Of course, a healthy dose of buttocks never hurt anyone. Her skirt is cast-off enabled to remind you to floss daily and prevent the gum disease known as gingivitis. Which flavor do you prefer--chocolate or cherry?

And if the bottom comes off, you can bet that so does the top. But if you want to see everything this angel in white has to offer, you'll have to request a house call. Your other figures will be sick with envy!

ToHeart2 - Tamaki Kosaka Nurse Cos Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure [Orca Toys]
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