News Roundup for March 17th, 2014

Putting on the Ritz

Aniplex is turning this weekend's Anime Japan convention into a black tie affair. They've decked out 18 of their most popular characters from 28 different titles in suits, dresses and other formal wear that many never see in their native media--with obvious exceptions like the Black Butler, Sebastian. Check their homepage to see how your favorites look dressed up for a night of class.

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Chunibyo Goes Airborne

To save the future you'll need to destroy your past. But hey, at least it's an alternate reality version of yourself. That's the setup for Gunsinger Stratos, an arcade game from Square Enix that arms you with dual light guns and the power of flight in 4-on-4 death matches. For whatever reason the producers have decided to eschew the realistic in-game designs for an anime-style promo movie. While the staff hasn't confirmed the meaning behind the PR stunt, it's more likely that the game will receive an anime adaptation than make it to arcades outside of Japan.

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Headless Riders, Start Your Engines

We still don't know what Durarara!! means but we do know that the tales about the most dangerous dudes in Ikebukuro has been green-lit for a second season. The main cast will stay on board except for the animation production that has been passed off to Studio Shuka. We'll have to wait to know what this entails for the animation--as well as for the air date.

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Imoto Army Prepares to March

The world has been decimated by giant insect-like parasites known as Gastrea and the only thing that can save humanity is a mutant breed of girls led by the Civil Security Force. If you enjoyed tormenting your little sister with bugs, then Black Bullet is the show for you! At the very least, the opening track by fripSide will be on regular rotation at ani-song bars for the next year.

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Senran Kagura Gets Spicy

The busty ninja brawler has never been shy about spooning out healthy helpings of meat and the new cooking rhythm game Dekamori Senran Kagura looks to continue this trend. Curry shops around Akihabara are playing along with novelty dishes based on the factions from the game--Curry no Shimin Alba (Hanzo Academy), Party party Carolina (Homurai Gurentai), Shijuku Gessen Girls School (Go Go Curry) and Lahore (Hanzō Academy, Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy) are offering plates at 1180 yen that come with a limited-edition sticker. Wieners nestled between mounds of sticky rice have never looked so tantalizing.

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Attack on Moomin

Illustrator Hyogetsu combines two of their favorite things with this Attack on Titan and Moomin mash-up. Moomin became hugly popular in Japan during the 90's thanks to the animated TV series. Here's hoping to see The Groke and Hattifatteners rendered as blood-splattered Titans.


Rocket Propelled Pantsu Strike Back

The official site for the upcoming Strike Witches OVA trilogy, Operation Victory Arrow, has been updated with new art and story details. Our intelligence tells us that the 30-minute shorts will focus on the adventures of the girls upon returning home after the end of the second season and up to the start of the film. Strap on your thermal bikini bottoms and get ready to blast back into the cold of the stratosphere because the battle with the Neuroi isn't over!

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SAO Loads a Phantom Bullet

When you die in the Matrix you die in the real world! Or so Kirito is about to investigate as he logs into the sword-and-steel VRMMO Gun Gale Online in search of a shadowy avatar whose player killing antics are filling graves both online and off. The staff of the first TV series will be back with the sequel, Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet, in July.

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Hollywood Receives Anime Adaptation

Uta Puri proved that girls love idols as much as guys, if not more. Record label Starchild is capitalizing on this craze with animation studio ZEXCS (Diabolik Lovers, The Flowers of Evil) to produce an anime based on Shonen Hollywood, a media-mix franchise about the titular male idol group who train, study and play at a theater in Harajuku. You can bet the seiyuu themselves will be just as dreamy as their 2D counterparts when the show hits the airwaves this summer.

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