Pizza Hut Delivers Your Muse

Love Live! has teamed up with Pizza Hut for a cheesy collaboration and the girls of Muse are ready to deliver it piping hot to your doorstep. The fictional Otonokizaka Academy is located in the very real Chiyoda ward of Tokyo between Akihabara, Jimbocho and Kanda, so they've re-zoned the Kanda branch to be in Otonokizaka--assuming the district actually existed.

The shop was buzzing with a fleet of scooters coming and going with their payload of steaming pies. Our apologies if we didn't manage to snap photos of your favorite girl in both her Muse outfit and school uniform. The turnover rate was intense--we nearly got run over getting these! So if you visit be careful to stay out of the way.

Birds of a feather flock together which could explain why there were so many Kotori fans on site. Even business men in suits were snapping cellphone shots as they walked past. You never know who might be a fellow Love Liver.

All of this gawking made us hungry so we picked up a Spicy Jalapeno. Each pizza comes with this limited-edition illustrated box and character clear file. Unfortunately they were sold out at the time but they should be restocked by now.

Don't be shy about stuffing your face--it's a race against time to finish the pizza before the grease seeps through to the other side and ruins the group signature! Just cut it out, scrub the inside of the box with some anti-bacterial soap and you've got yourself a swanky signboard.

This tie-up runs through March 30th and ends just in time for the second season of the anime to begin. That can only mean one thing--more campaigns, more goods and more ways to show your love for your favorite member!

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