Review: NARUTO - Gaara of Desert -Kanetsugu Naoe- 1/7 Complete Figure by ULTIMATE MODELING COLLECTION FIGURE

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Hey there, Shizu-I-love-a-man-in-armor-Mecha here.
Some people prefer their medieval equipment to be knightly, but give me good 'ol samurai steel any day of the week. With that said, I got a lot of love for today's offering

NARUTO - Gaara of Desert -Kanetsugu Naoe- 1/7 Complete Figure [ULTIMATE MODELING COLLECTION FIGURE]

(・3・)Woah, what's a NARUTO character doing in samurai armor? It turns out that NARUTO has teamed up for official collaborations with the Warring States period of Japanese history. Google “Sengoku NARUTO.” Believe it! Today we've got a crossover between Gaara and the real-life samurai Kanetsugu Naoe.

Take a good 360 degree look! Gaara is a bit short for his age, but this 1/7 scale figure more than makes up for his underdevelopment with a heavy suit of armor and huge gourd on its back.

The young warrior Gaara appears in traditional kacchu armor with left hand outstretched and ready for battle. The figure has all the pomp and dignity that we'd expect from this accomplished ninja.

The kabuto helmet looks like it was taken out of a museum! In fact, it was--the color and sculpt are based on the actual helmet worn by Kanetsugu. The intense level of detail gives you an idea of how the item was constructed--notice the bumps from the braided rope holding it all together.

But you don't need to be a history freak to appreciate the giant Chinese character on his brim! The real Naoe Kanetsugu famously sported the symbol for “ai,” meaning “love,” making this cap the perfect fit for Gaara. 

Once you recover from the shock of this clever collaboration, take a moment to appreciate the helmet's ornamentation and the layered shikoro plates that serve as a neck guard.

A noble warrior will remove his helmet as a sign of respect and Gaara is no exception!
The waist cord tied around scabbard and rope chin guard are separate parts so you can dress up or dress down the samurai regalia as much as you please. It's like you get a quality Gaara figure with the armor as a pack-in bonus!

It wouldn't Gaara without sand and it wouldn't be sand without Gaara.
Not only does the base create a diorama feel, it also helps to hold up the gourd on his back. Nature provides him with his own personal caddy!

U.M.C.F. Knows how to combine anime characters with a bold touch of the real world for something exciting and new. You haven't seen Gaara until you've seen him in samurai armor. Be you a fan of NARUTO or a fan of history, this figure won't disappoint!

NARUTO - Gaara of Desert -Kanetsugu Naoe- 1/7 Complete Figure [ULTIMATE MODELING COLLECTION FIGURE]
(C)岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.