News Roundup for February 4th, 2014

Traps Getting Sprung

Ah spring, the time where a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love... with other young men? Dressed as beautiful young girls? Slated for an April 18th release, the upcoming DVD love love Otoko no Ko dolls up the stars of the Prince of Tennis musical, Shota Motokawa and Sora Yaguchi, as troublingly convincing cross dressers. At last, the BL and yuri camps can finally find a middle ground.

Kids Take Candy From Strangers

"Demons out! Luck in!" Or so people shout during Setsubun, a celebration where people boost their karma for the year by throwing beans to ward off evil spirits. Shrines hold community celebrations where they toss beans, sweets, and small prizes to the crowd. This year, the priests, sumo and politicians were joined by the Pretty Cure All Stars at Ikegami Honmon-ji shrine just south of Tokyo. But if it's intended as a family event, then why were there so many single men in the crowd? Our "big friends" are going to need all the luck they can get this year, so I figure, let them have it.

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Attack on Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is the holiday where you pamper the one you love, and there's no love as pure as the one we feel for 2D characters. That's what makes these Attack on Titan swiss rolls so great. At 2000 yen they come in two designs so you can either party with the cast or cut in for some private time with Levi-sama. The girls around the office will be cracking the bubbly with their favorite squad leader come February 14th.

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A Plot You Can Set Your Watch To

If it's truly better to be rivals than friends, then Akane should be more thankful for her twin brother Aoi. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have the drive to push herself further, or get good grades on her tests to impress the neurotic nerdy guy she's crushing on. Of course, since this is based on a shojo manga, the anime adaptation of The Romantica Clock promises nothing but frustration and hardship for our energetic heroine when it starts on February 4th.

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765 Production Live Footage Leaked

It'll be some time before audiences outside of Japan are able to lay eyes on the IDOLM@STER movie, so thank your stars that the producers have released a 30-second ad highlighting the concert sequences! See how Haruka takes on her responsibilities as the new unit leader and enjoy the pop-perfect theme song, M@sterpiece.

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