BEACH QUEENS - Girls und Panzer: Mako Reizei & Darjeeling 1/10 Complete Figures by WAVE

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This is Ginpatsuki, reporting for duty. Today we have a double-barreled beach babe review with Mako Reizei and Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer. Ready, aim, fire!

BEACH QUEENS - Girls und Panzer: Mako Reizei 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]


Even lazy girls want to have fun, so Mako is piloting this lifesaver in place of the Anglerfish team's Panzer IV. How ironic that her low blood pressure induced hazy gaze would get my blood pumping in overdrive.

There's sleepy and then there’s catatonic! Maybe the team got up at 6am to see the sunrise.

All that sleep may be great for beauty but it doesn't seem to be helping the bust.

True to form her body wakes up as the sun begins to set. While there's a little less armpit than I usually go for, yet the belly button is simply superb.

In the end, balance is everything and the butt matches the boobs. I hurt for the youth of today, not growing up with these flashier old-fashioned school swimsuits.

BEACH QUEENS - Girls und Panzer: Darjeeling 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

St. Gloriana Girls High School's commanding officer Darjeeling is on record saying  "No matter how fast we go, or no matter how many hits we take, I will never spill my tea.” I can't help but let my imagination go wild with that one. It's literary lines like that which have propelled her to the top of the pops, er, top of the popularity charts.

Her frilled virgin white bathing suit is befitting of a true British lady, even if she is Japanese. As with her chipper demeanor, Darjeeling's regal rack couldn't be more different from Mako.

The gap between her body and the straps and the shadow it makes are simply darling. We really do need more of this.

The cup and saucer add that extra bit of refinement. Then you ask yourself "who in their right mind drinks hot tea at the beach?!" Darjeeling does, that's who. She may be the only one who could get away with it, too.

One common ground between Darjeeling and Mako are that the fronts match the rear impeccably. Pip pip, cheerio old girl!


Behold, the holy grail of armpit adoration! Given the right light her axillary glands glow like the crown jewels. The distinct hard shadow of her under boob is also worth a nod.

Whatever your cup of tea may be, one of these girls is sure to fill it!

BEACH QUEENS - Girls und Panzer: Mako Reizei 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

BEACH QUEENS - Girls und Panzer: Darjeeling 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

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