KanColle Museum Part 2: Gamers

The Strait of Akihabara is red with the flames of war! Or maybe it's all the blush from the cherry-cheeked kanmusu. Unwilling to let Animate claim the area without a fight, Akihabara Gamers has launched their own fleet of ship girls with the other half of the KanColle museum that runs from February 8th to March 2nd.

This elevator goes all the way down... to the depths of the ocean floor! Enemies in KanColle belong to the Abyssal Fleet, an armada of ghost ships with unknown motives. The Wo-class Aircraft Carrier is their most feared unit—get used to seeing her on the battlefield and in your nightmares.


The battleship babe Kongou is second in popularity after the G-string bunny girl Shimakaze, so it was only a matter of time before she got her own Cospa canned costume. And who doesn't want to see more heavily armed miko at conventions?

Rensouhou-chan might not roll off the tongue like "Pikachu" but that hasn't stopped this anthropomorphic linked cannon with an emoticon expression from becoming the franchise's unofficial mascot. Feel free to pick him up and give his (soft body) a squeeze—just don't act surprised if he goes off in your hands!

Within the game you can upgrade your kanmusu to improve their stats or even change their ship type. Kitakami starts off as a light cruiser, but weld on a garter belt of underwater self-propelled explosives and she emerges from the workshop as a torpedo cruiser. That's 20 firing tubes on each side so don't think you can flip up her sailor skirt and get away unscathed.

The arrangement of supplies and battle damage standees was similar to the one at Animate. You know a series is ready for war when they start mass producing promotional materials.

KanColle is a browser-based card game, so it only makes sense that it would make the jump to Weiss Schwarz. I can't wait to see the commercials that will air with the anime when it launches in the spring!

This much concentrated firepower is enough to level the city! The gallery was our chance to appreciate the art of the game. Taken out of context, the battle damaged kanmusu look more like gravure idols than warships on the brink of destruction.

What type of ship is your favorite? We're talking steel behemoths here, not kanmusu. Just as I expected, destroyers have caught up in the popularity race! Though there's still enough time for (x) to win it.

No otaku exhibit would be complete without the pro-level fan art. The franchise has become so well known that even people who haven't played the game are drawing dojin and cosplaying as the characters. KanColle is well on the way to being the next Touhou Project--though I'm still waiting for the remix albums!