News Roundup for February 18th 2014

Second Date!


Date A Live II's website just went a live with a key visual, cast announcements and event information! The visual speaks for itself, but since the characters don't here is the list so far:

Shiori Itsuka: Saeko Gouzou

Mikie Okamine: Kanami Satou

Mildred F. Fujimura: Saki Ogasawara

James A Paddington: Toshiharu Nakanishi

Jessica Baley: Yuko Kaida

Elliott Baldwin Woodman: Jouji Nakata

Official Website:

Hallowed Be Thy Game


Dengeki Online continues with their SAO previews, this time showing us backgrounds, scenes with Asuna and Yui and sub-character models from Sword Art Online: Hallow Fragment. Loads of visuals on their site--log in and geek out!

Dengeki Online Homepage:

King of J-Pop

Tezuka Productions has made another foray into the world of music videos, this time with singer-songwriter Leo Ieiri. For the artist's latest video they've animated her into the world of Jungle Emperor (Kimba the White Lion for English speakers) as a Leo (that'd be Kimba) look alike. Leo, Leo, see what they did there? If you want to see even more of what they did check out the short video clip above!