Preview: Good Smile Company New Product Showcase December - Scale Figures

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Hey there, Shizu Mecha here! Earlier this week I showed you some KanColle previews from this month's Good Smile Company New Product Showcase. I'm back today with even more KanColle along with BLAZBLUE, Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA and more ♪

Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Musashi 1/8 Complete Figure [MAX Factory]

2nd of the Yamato-class battleships, Musashi, has arrived!

Musashi is following MAX Factory's Yamato into battle! I'm not sure which rig is more impressive, the one on her back or the one on her chest.

Compared to the orthodox beauty of Yamato, Musashi's tanned skin and sassy expression are walking on the wild side. I can't wait to join her there!

Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA - Himejijou 1/350 (1/7) Complete Figure [MAX Factory]

Nobody is getting in here!! You can call me Shirasagi-chan!!

The white herons of Himejijou are almost as robust as the castle itself! She measures in at 1/350 scale (or 1/7 for normal folk).

With the birds and villagers this is more of a diorama than a base! Come see for yourself why Himejijou is such a popular tourist attraction!

BlazBlue - Kokonoe 1/8 Complete Figure [FREEing]

This mad scientist is bent on world domination!

Kokonoe dares you to try stealing her candy. We don't suggest taking her up on that!

She's part furry, part mad scientist and full on sexy from head to toe!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's - Fate Testarossa Swimsuit Parka style 1/8 Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

Fate and Bardiche hit the beach!

Bardiche isn't the only thing in Assault Mode. Just look at this blue bikini--it'll keep you warm until next summer!

This figure explains the wild popularity of The Movie 2nd A's in a nutshell!


World's Best Robot!

ThreeA's biggest and baddest is back in...white! This poseable figure stands at around 63.5cm and is loaded with gimmicks!

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