News Roundup for December 26th, 2014

Trust Me, It's Worth Watching

The staff of cellphone provider AU are back with another live-action anime reenactment. This time they make the Durarara!! ending work with a bit of patience and a whole lot of Photoshop magic. The link below gives a behind-the-scenes look of everything--except the model under Celty's helmet!

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Yo! Love Live! Wraps

Love Live! wrapping paper

Kanda Shrine in Akihabara is right down the street from Otonokizaki Academy (if it were real) so the members of μ's sometimes moonlight as crazy shrine maidens. This time they wish you luck from sheets of mulberry paper, a classy alternative to boring 'ol wrapping paper. They go on sale from December 28th and I bet they'll be sold out by noon.

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Sprite-based Shooters

I was afraid that Nitro+ might be getting over their chuunibyou until I saw how they spelled the title for their upcoming fighting game, Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel. It's not due to hit Japanese arcades until 2015 but you can get hands-on at a location test at Akihabara Hey on December 28th and 29th. Dibs on Saya!

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Gaming is Not a Sin

Take the search for legendary criminal organization into your own hands with The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin. Series creator, Nakaba Suzuki, wrote an original scenario for this action-adventure title that revolves around Zaratras, the great Holy Knight who died long before the manga started. How'd he come back to life? And what's the button command to make Hawk do his rolling ham attack? These and other mysteries to be answered on the February 11th release.

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Singin' in the Rain

Idolmaster Umbrella

Do your best Gene Kelly along with Miki, Makoto and Yukiho with round two of Ito Kirin's Imas folding umbrellas. The May release date is too late for April showers but it's just in time for Japan's rainy season--not that otaku will need an excuse like bad weather rock them all over Akihabara.

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Put On Your Real Face

O-men anime mask

Daishin makes it easy to transform into your inner bishoujo with their high-quality masks. These old-school o-men are traditionally sold at festivals so of course you can find them at Japan's largest otaku festival--Comiket! Look for me wearing the face of your favorite Girls und Panzer girl from their new line.

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