News Roundup for December 19th, 2014

You've got D-Mail

CHAOS;CHILD was only released a day ago but to me it still feels like yesterday when I first popped Steins;Gate into my Xbox. Imagine my surprise when I read that huke is selling a 5th anniversary book at Comiket! Stop by his booth on Tuesday (East Hall "Shi"28b) to grab a copy and if you happen to see an American kidult drooling over new illustrations of Makise while you're there be sure to say hi to me!

huke's Pixiv:

No Items, Fox Only, Mask's Mask

Wavedashing and L-canceling are things of the past. The Wii U version finally has character balance. Now the most broken thing about Smash Brothers is the gap between twitter user @yoshikeizi's insane custom level skills and her follower count. These Gundam stages were just the start--she just uploaded one of Gurren Lagann! Give her a follow and cross your fingers for a Mazinger Z next!

Student Laugh Riots


What madcap hi-jinks ensue when a new girl joins what can now only be called Hikki's harem? Find out when Iroha Isshiki (far right) joins the cast of romantic comedy romper My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU in season two. After seeing this new character visual I'm personally more excited to read the Meshi figure review!

Official homepage:

Going Mobile


My mother taught me that if you have nothing nice to say about a company's marketing decisions don't say anything at all but my job demands that I tell you about Square Enix's latest release. Since it looks to be a pay-to-play mobile RPG I guess I'll need all the money I can get. Sorry mom, I'm selling out! Look for Mevius Final Fantasy on iOS and Android phones this spring.

Official homepage:

Bare Fruit

With a pitch that starts "At a glance, it might seem a normal school; but this isolated learning environment is home to a mere five students, all female," how could the Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter not meet its $160,000 goal? After nearly doubling it within a day localization team Sekai Project has proven yet again that the largely untapped visual novel market is fertile ground for growing cash by the bundle. I hope you're taking notes, Cool Japan Initiative!