Preview: RAH Fate/stay night - Rin Tohsaka by MEDICOM TOY

Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works is red hot and that heat is radiating over to the hobby world.

We've seen Saber after Saber in MEDICOM TOY's Real Action Heroes line...

RAH Saber

RAH Saber

RAH Saber Alter

RAH Saber Alter

RAH Saber Lily

RAH Saber Lily

But now get ready for this Red Devil! Today the AmiAmi Blog is happy to introduce you to the much talked-of RAH Fate/stay night Rin Tohsaka!

RAH Fate/stay night Rin Tohsaka [MEDICOM TOY]

"I know what's about to happen, and I'm ready. I have been for 10 years."

Rin is fine and flexible thanks to the RAH FEMALE Body. What's more, her long sleeves and knee-socks hide the joints making for a super posable figure that doesn't compromise its beauty! Roll up the sleeves to reveal her magic crest on the left arm and the command seals that signify her contract with Archer printed on her right hand.

The Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, the Azoth Sword, her inherited pendant--Rin's prized possessions are all here. Use the jewel holding left hand and let her magic fly! I can only hope we get some male Fate RAHs soon...!

In addition to her regular face she also comes with this screaming battle expression and a cute coy look. They didn't stop there though--she also comes with glasses that fit all three faces!

From super elite magician to studious school beauty! Play dress up with the included blouse, vest and adorable long skirt! I wonder how RAH Saber (sold separately) would look in this outfit.

The play value keep going up! Rin's favorite red coat fits over her clothes so you can recreate any look from the series in either outfit.

Rin originally wanted Saber as her servant so pair the two up when this Red Devil releases next summer!

RAH Fate/stay night - Rin Tohsaka [MEDICOM TOY]

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