Preview: Good Smile Company New Product Showcase Decemeber: Nendoroids and figma

Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. The good smiles keep coming from GSC's December new product showcase! Next up are a slew of figmas and Nendos. Here we go!

Nendoroid Love Live! - Kotori Minami [Good Smile Company]

Kotori, lovin' you!

Kotori is finally joining her fellow μ's members on the Nendoroid stage for a performance of "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de." Her trademark side-tail features a joint and is as poseable as the rest of her!

Which is more charming--her space case face or the wink? In addition to the face parts you can swap out her arms for dance poses. Encore! Encore!♪

Nendoroid Kantai Collecting -KanColle- I-401 [Good Smile Company]

I'm a Nendoroid now? Ah, thank you, admiral!

Sen Toku Class Aircraft Carrying Submarine I-401 reporting for duty! This aquatic imouto comes with aircrafts and a slew of other optional parts! My personal fave is the bathtime splash effect♪

Oh no, she's taken a hit! All you admirals will appreciate the attention to detail here, right down to her tan lines!

figma Kantai Collection -KanColle- Amatsukaze [MAX Factory]

This is a good wind...Commencing attack!

This Kagerou Class Destroyer already has a Nendoroid in the works and now she's going to be a figma too! She's small in stature but comes loaded with firepower--watch out for her unique Rensouhou-kun!

With her regular, pouty and bashful smile face parts she has three ways to break your heart with her beauty. Throw on the heart smoke effect hat and you're dead in the water!

figma - Sword Art Online II: Sinon [MAX Factory]

Want a taste? Of my bullets, that is!

Sinon's steady arm and cool head make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and now as a figma!

Have her take aim with the Hecate II using the including bi-pod, swap out faces for extra tension or have her use smaller arms for close combat. With all of these accessories the options are almost endless!

Nendoroid - Sakura Wars 3: Erica Fontaine & Koubu-F2 [Good Smile Company]

Good morning, Good morning! Bonjour♪

What a deluxe set! Out of all of Erica's weapons and accesories, the most deadliest is her maracas! That good morning dance is killer!

Of course she fits into Koubu-F2! Throw on her battle suit and let the good times roll!

figma - The Table Museum: The Thinker [MAX Factory]

I think, therefore I am (a figma)

With the new figma Table Museum series you can now utilize mankind's greatest treasures to make modern works of meme art! This Thinker figure is far superior to the original-- with all the posing options he can actually take action on his wildest thoughts! I just want to know what Rodin would think about you posing his masterpiece with creepy Woody.

Nendoroid More - Girls und Panzer: Panzer IV Ausf.D [Good Smile Company]

Nendoroid More and the Panzer four!

When they say More they mean it! This tank is the biggest new way to play with your waifu to date! You do already own the Anglerfish Team girls, don't you? (If not, buy them separately!)

The tank itself has all the mecha detail you could want in a cute, compact package. Onward, to victory!

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