News Roundup for December 1st, 2014

A Modern Fairy Tale

The first round draft picks are up for the anime adaptation of Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls! Do you root for the chu-ni, kuu-dere, imouto or token foreigner? Check out the latest teaser and lake stock of the 14 girls in the starting lineup. If the anime follows the mobile game, the cast list should more than double by the end!

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Spellbinding Lips

Your clicks count! The proof-of-concept animated short for the manga Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches hit one million YouTube views and to celebrate it's receiving a full-blown anime adaptation next spring! When our titular everyman bumps heads with the top girl student in school they magically switch bodies! Turns out that she and his classmates are witches whose magical powers can only be activated with a kiss. Gender-swapping has never been so wacky!

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Mob Boss

Either lead as a mosa or follow as part of the mob. In the not too distant future of Rolling Girls, an original title from Wit Studio, Japan's civil war splits each of the 47 prefectures into an independent nation. Turf claims are handled by mosa, exceptional individuals with super powers, but the heroines are as ordinary as you or me. Let's see what these muggles can muster when the show starts in January.

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Ye Olde Social Justice Warrior

Everybody hates war, especially the witch Maria. So when France decides to drag itself through a hundred years of bloodshed, Maria takes it upon herself to stop it with her magic. But wouldn't you know it, God has other plans. He sends down his archangel Michael and declares that should Maria loosen her chastity belt she'll lose her power as well. Can she stay pure in this ecchi action comedy? We'll find out when Production I.G delivers the anime adaptation of Maria the Virgin Witch next season!

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Extreme Tempura

What's faster than NTT Docomo's high-speed LTE network? Making shrimp tempura with this seafood shooter, obviously. Japan doesn't have to worry about net neutrality so they can focus on bigger things, like advancing humanity through ridiculous commercials.

Japanese Classic Rock

Sanrio jumps on the idol band bandwagon with Show by Rock, a smartphone rhythm game with an upcoming anime adaptation. The latest trailer introduces the members of Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan, an old-school act that performs with traditional Japanese instruments. Dibs on the daruma drummer!

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The Root of Evil

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 anime

Tokyo Ghoul will be back for a second season this January under the title Tokyo Ghoul √A. But there's a bigger shocker than the silly name! The plot will divert from the manga in a new scenario by manga author Sui Ishida. If you thought you knew how the story ends, think again.

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Anime Goes to the Dogs

Jotaro and his multi-ethnic gang of globetrotting vampire hunters return in January with the second half of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. And this time they bring along man's best friend--or should I say Polnareff's worst enemy?

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