News Roundup for November 7th, 2014

Nip It in the Bud


Meet Nipako, the moe mascot of hobby shop God Hand designed by Sgt. Frog animation director Satoshi Koike. The copyright free character is launching her own line of stickers, coffee mugs and T-shirts that you can order from the homepage below. But why be a consumer when you can be a producer? Nipako is all yours if you have an idea to sell her.

Official homepage:

New Kid on the Block

Persona 3 Ryoji Mochizuki

Falling Down, the third Persona 3 movie, continues the seasonal title motif started by Spring of Birth and Midsummer Knight's Dream. If the next film isn't named "Winter of Our Discontent" I'll stop writing headlines for the Blog! More importantly, Falling Down comes out next spring and introduces the fashionable and flirty transfer student Ryoji Mochizuki. Here's hoping for a trip to the Kyoto hot springs!

Official homepage:

Slumber Party Gone Horribly Wrong

Get ready for a catfight battle royale when Volume 12 of the Chaika: The Coffin Princess Blu-ray hits on March 10th. The bonus OVA episode strips Chaika, Red Chaika, Vivi and Zveda down to their bare essentials for a wet and wild tussle in a lake. At this rate the anime may be able to match the light novel in terms of fan service!

Official homepage:

The Titans are Coming

Attack on Titan the Real

Next year Universal Studios Japan will transform the excitement of anime and video games into something larger than life. Well, the 15-meter titans they plan to display are technically life-sized, but you know what I mean. Attack on Titan: The Real, Monster Hunter: the Real, Evangelion: The Real 4D and Biohazard: The Escape begin in January so start planning your trip to Osaka now. The only thing more impressive than the scale of the attractions is the size of the lines to get inside.

Official homepage:

Become the Master of Unlocking

The Master of Unlocking

The world of survival horror is about to cross over into the world of Kuji lottery goods with these Resident Evil prizes. Visit video game retail shop Geo from November 27th for a chance to win a figure of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Revelations, a mini-mirror with the S.T.A.R.S. logo, ID card stickers and more.

Official homepage:

Athletic Support

Yowamushi boxer briefs
Yowamushi boxer briefs 2

Keep your nether regions comfy so you can focus on the race with these Yowamushi Pedal boxer briefs. The only thing more embarrassing than coming in last is explaining to your mom why you still have cartoon characters on your underwear so consumer desecration is advised.

Official homepage: