News Roundup for November 6th, 2014

The Clothes Make the Man

In the latest IBM-sponsored Steins;Gate short, Nae calls Okabe and Daru stinky old men for wearing the same outfit every day and they take it to heart. Kurise helps them find fashionable new duds and it turns out that Okabe is a real bishounen when he's not dressed like a bum. The lesson: People will only take you as seriously as you take your wardrobe.

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Elbow-deep in Monsters

Monster Hunter Brachydios pillow

Slide your fist into a Brachydios with this Monster Hunter 4G plush pillow. As realistic as the coloring is, you still have to provide the slime yourself.

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Hello, Handsome

Want to make Hello Kitty jealous? Then head over to Puroland, Sanrio's answer to Disney Land, where her boyfriend, Dear Daniel, is giving out kabe-don as easily as free hugs at an anime con. Animal, vegetable or mineral, Daniel isn't picky. Where there's a wall, there's a way.

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Fushigi Yuugi Meets Game of Thrones

Akatsuki no Yona anime

Princess Yona was the most pampered girl in the kingdom until Soo-Won, her cousin and would-be lover, kills her father and usurps the throne. Now Yona is on the run and on a quest to find the four dragon warriors to retake her birthright. Looking for a new shoujo fantasy show in the vein of The World Is Still Beautiful? Then keep your eyes on Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn) as more details of the anime adaptation emerge.

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Pump Out the Jams

Why aren't more people talking about ani-song duo Angela? Did you guys just skip the opening credits of Knights of Sidonia or what? Sure, they're not as epic as Linked Horizon but they have some bangers. They released a bunch of concert footage onto Youtube so take a listen--I bet they were featured in more anime than you realize!

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Dance, My Puppets

Knights of Sidonia 3D models

Speaking of Knights of Sidonia, the fate of the crew is in your hands! Literally. The creators have made the 3D models used in the anime available for download. Get busy people, those Gauna Miku Miku Dance videos aren't going to make themselves!

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