News Roundup for November 5th, 2014

Miku Climbs the Uncanny Valley

Famed Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura put his spin on Hatsune Miku at the expo held in New York last month. Now you can see your favorite Vocaloid rendered with the same processing power that drives Square Enix's cinematics. Nomura is certainly growing as an artist—no zippers this time!

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Sailor Scouts Take on Dust Bunnies

Sailor Moon blender

Looking for a gift for the magical girl who has it all? Then surprise her with a Sailor Moon-themed blender and Roomba! Family Mart is offering these and other prizes in a lottery that runs from now through the beginning of December. Every receipt of 500 yen or more is a chance to win. It's three tickets to enter for the blender and five for the Roomba so go stock up on junk food with long expiration dates.

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Iron Chefs

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen! Epic cooking battle manga Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma has been green-lit for an anime adaptation that will make the action (and eating) scenes from Attack on Titan look tame in comparison.

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Idols Show You How to Party

Online art community Pixiv celebrates hitting the 10 million user mark with Pixiv Matsuri, a gallery of illustrations held in Roppongi Hills through November 24th. Their home-brew idol unit 2z Icon (prounounced "Niji Icon") brings the party to you with their new single, "Pixiv Ondo." Put on your fundoshi and wasshoi along to the traditional Japanese beat.

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Outfoxed by the Gods

Kamisama Kiss anime

Looking for a new interspecies romance now that the Twilight Saga has wrapped up? Then check out Kamisama Kiss, the shoujo manga about the forbidden love between human and yokai. The second season of the anime is due in January 2015 which is plenty of time to brush up on Japan's mythological creatures and their nighttime proclivities.

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