Preview: T2 Art Girls - Gin no Sharin no Kishihime "Arianrhod" 1/6 Complete Figure by DRAGON Toy

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews.

The nobility of a knight, the awesomeness of armor, the body line of a lady--Tony's Kishihime line delivers all this and more. Let's dig in!

T2 Art Girls - Gin no Sharin no Kishihime "Arianrhod" 1/6 Complete Figure [DRAGON Toy]

T2 Art Girls Gin no Sharin no Kishihime Arianrhod

Back attack! What good is armor when you leave your rear wide open? 'Ol Meshi couldn't get closer than this before she spotted me and threw up her guard. So go the reflexes of a battle-hardened vixen!

Check out the breezy wave in her long blonde hair. Maybe a mischievous wind spirit blew by and stole her armored leggings? High-five, buddy!

Oh, I bet the steel handle is cold against her warm skin. With that bikini top I can't tell if she's headed to the beach or to battle. Her top is definitively popping but so is her hyper-cinched waist. And she's got ribs to go with that rack!

I shouldn't let the skin steal the show. Note how the pleats of her skirt open like precious lilac petals. And your eyes could spend all day going up, down and around those ruffled frills. Take your time, the rest of the photos will still be here when you're ready to scroll down.

Bam! Click on the image to enlarge--as if her chest could get any bigger. I sincerely hope the gold threads are strong enough to hold up under pressure. If her top snaps, she'll be open to attack from the back and front!

Her thighs and rump are quite the handful as well. Don't take my word for it, look at how the skin mooshes between her fingers and stockings! Oh, and one more touch of class--the series title, Gin no Sharin no Kishihime, means "Silver Wheel Princess Knight" and a silver wheel is exactly what's holding up her garter. I love when a name rhymes with the execution.

Show your chivalrous side and give Arianrhod a post next to your throne. If you were thinking of letting her go to swear loyalty elsewhere, just remember--she's cast-off enabled!

T2 Art Girls - Gin no Sharin no Kishihime "Arianrhod" 1/6 Complete Figure [DRAGON Toy]

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.