News Roundup for November 26th, 2014

What, No Tsubasa Cat?

Hello Kitty Monogatari

The girls of Monogatari become fashion models for Sanrio in these new promotional illustrations. See the originals on display at the Hello Kitty diner in Shibuya from December 5th to December 25th.


From Story Board to Silver Screen

Contrary to popular belief, CG animation isn't done at the push of a button. You have to push many, many buttons. See how dedicated artisans expose their wrists to repetitive strain injury each and every day in this behind-the-scenes clip from Urobuchi Gen's latest film, Expelled from Paradise.

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That's No Animation Cel... IT'S A GUNPLAAAAA!

Animation cel Gunpla 2
Animation cel Gunpla

Modeler Mumumuno53 worked over an old-school 1/100 scale kit to get the same warped perspective as the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime and went the extra mile in recreating the show's trademark rough pencil lines. This work of genuis took the gold in the 17th All Japan Orazaku Championship sponsored by Hobby Japan. Mark my words: cel-shading is the future of modeling.


New and (Probably) Improved

Give your ship girls a boost when Kancolle Kai comes out for the PlayStation Vita next spring. Admirals will notice that the "Kai" in the title is the same used when modernizing crafts, but we'll have to wait and see what new features this entails.

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Christmas Card From Hell

Houzuki no Reitetsu Ichiban Kuji
Houzuki no Reitetsu Ichiban Kuji 2

Houzuki and his underlings wish you happy holidays from the underworld. These Ichibankuji prizes come out on December 27th , making them the perfect stocking stuffer... for New Year's Eve, anyway.

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Magic Shoes

Magic Knight Rayearth shoes

If you need to hoof around Cephiro you'll want footwear built to last. That's why otaku apparel maker Super Groupies is offering these Magic Knight Rayearth-inspired low heel shoes. Keep the gemstone on the instep polished and then you'll really shine!

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