Meet Wake Up,Girls! at Akihabara GAMERS

Wake Up, Girls! standee

Watch out Akihabara, there's a new idol unit in town! The members of Wake Up, Girls! have taken over GAMERS but their talent agency is as strict as ever--we weren't allowed to take photos of the autographs, stage costumes or stills from the show. Guess that means you'll just have to go see for yourself! Luckily GAMERS isn't the only place the girls are performing at.

The nearby SEGA arcade is also running a WUG promotion! Mayu Shimada takes center stage with her very own prize figure. She's the main character so I know it can't be helped but I hope they shift focus to other members next. Say, Nanami-chan for instance...

BONUS! GAMERS is also running a mini-corner to celebrate the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Shirobako. What I expected to be another slice-of-life gag fest turned out be a surprisingly somber backstage look at how the anime industry actually functions--or fails to function. It's in my Top 5 this season so if you were on the fence, give it a look! 

Event dates: November 15th-December 14th
Address: 1-14-7 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Takarada Building 4F
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Official homepage: