News Roundup for November 21st, 2014

Proving That "Average" is Beautiful

Saenai Kanojo

One spring day high school student Tomoya Aki runs across a beautiful girl who inspires him to create a dojin dating game. It takes him a month to realize that the girl has been in his class the whole time! She's just that remarkably average. So he enlists the help of his otaku buddies to create the ultimate 2D heroine. See what drives the dojin scene this January with the anime adaptation of light novel Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

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Take Your Tea Like a Princess


Famed porcelain maker Noritake teams up with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal to bring you tableware fit for a banquet in the Moon Kingdom. Order a set to go with the Sailor Moon chocolates at your next tea party!

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I Chew-chew-choose You


If you've ever wanted to chew up and spit out guys like they were gum, here's your chance. Media-mix project Gum Kare turns you into a tooth--yes, a tooth--surrounded by sexy boys who are anthropomorphic versions of chewing gum. Do you fall for the stimulating Black Black? Or play it safe with the mellow Acuo? Click on their profile to vote for your favorite but before you get too involved, remember--no flavor lasts forever.

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Every Eva Needs a Sole

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Evangelion shoes

Show your love for Neon Genesis Evangelion with these sneakers decorated with panels straight out of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga. The shoe tips have a wood cap to hold the slim shape while the black-on-red color scheme is sure to draw attention. Unlike the TV series this is one item that won't be getting a redesign so pick yours up at the official Evangelion Store or from the web shop below.

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Why Was Six Afraid of Seven?

Rokka no Yuusha anime adaptation

The prophecy foretold that six sages would gather to stop the Dark Lord's rebirth--so why are there seven? Light novel Rokka no Yuusha turns the "heroes of destiny" fantasy trope on its head by throwing a saboteur into the mix. See the accusations fly when the anime adaptation comes sometime next year!

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2000% Satisfaction Guaranteed

UtaPuri Ichiban Kuji

It's getting cold outside so snuggle up tight with the boys of Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ with the latest Ichiban Kuji prizes. There's also note pads, character charms, posters and more so be sure to keep a lookout when they release on December 20th.

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