News Roundup for November 20th, 2014

(Insert "Attack on" Pun Here)

If fans weren't polarized on the Attack on Titan live action film before these character posters came out they're like an ugly pair of Oakleys now. As for me, I'll leave my judgement for when we get images of the titans--I can't tell who's who in the manga anyhow. 

Official Homepage:

Sendai Star Blazers

With a little help from Iscandar Northern Japan is finally entering the 21st century with their very own public transportation IC card, icsca, starting on December 6th. Watch the video above to see Captain Okita announce this alien (to country folk) technology to the crew of the Yama--, er, to the fine citizens of Sendai and for a special message from princess Yurisha. Just think--if Sendai is only now getting IC cards, Tokyo should only be a few years away from wave motion train engines! Oh, and if you live in the area look forward to a Yamato-themed stamp rally announcement soon!

 icsca Official Homepage:

Keys to the Kingdom

Hayao Miyazaki's retirement lasted about as long as the short film he's currently working on. While that might soften the emotional punch of The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, a documentary following the animator's last days at Ghibli, it won't make it any less fun to watch. 

Tweet Tweets

Pixiv famous Illustrator Takio's tweet with these 3D battle birds models made back in his college days is taking the Japanese interwebs by storm today. I'm getting goose bumps imagining what a rad game they'd make!