News Roundup for November 19th, 2014

Parallel Past Lives

Which do you go for--your former wife, or your former little sister? These are the problems you face as a spell-wielding Savior. Not only do you have to protect the world from monsters, you have to contend with the memories and relationships of your past life as well. Protagonist Moroha Haimura is unique in that he holds two memories, that of a holy monk and wicked sorcerer, which grant him access to both light and dark magic--and double the waifu! See his past catch up with him when the anime adaptation of light novel Seiken Tsukai no World Break starts next January.

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Legal High

Pinocchio-P delivers a dose of the good stuff with his new music video, Yoiko no Kusuri (Medicine for Good Children). Like the song says, "It's legal to hate/It's legal to love" (unless you act on the urge.) If you can relate to any of these lyrics, please consult a physician immediately.

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Of Poultry and Parasytes

If you think the soft anthem sounds of Japanese light rockers Bump of Chicken seem like an unlikely choice for the soundtrack of body horror classic Parasyte you aren't alone. But hey, anything beats the anime's dubstep BGM. Hear their "Parade" theme and check out a slew of new footage in these TV spots!

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Satanic Satin

Black Butler hugging pillow

"I'm just one hell of a hugging pillow cover." The 9000 Yen asking price for this is a real steal when you consider what Ciel had to pay to have Sebastian at his beck and call. I just want to know who's going to clean up your mess if the butler is sleeping in with you. Ah well, figure that out after you've ordered him from the Movic site below (Japanese only--sorry!).

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Kabe-don Evolved

Kabe-don mobile game

The latest craze sweeping the nation is kabe-don, or the act of cornering someone between a wall and your arm to keep them there until they fall in love with you. How far can this act of Alpha aggression go? Find out in the mobile game, Kabe-don: Suki Datte Iu Made Nogasane. Tap schoolgirls to raise your bishonen's exp gauge and watch out when it fills up because he's going to slam walls like they've never been slammed before.

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I Want to Hear You Apologize

If you had a time machine what would you tell your past self? Shouya Ishida would warn himself not to be such a jerk. In elementary he bullied Shouko Nishiyama, his deaf classmate, but took things too far and ended up a social pariah. When the two connect later in life will Shouya be able to make up for the past? Find out next year in anime adaptation of the hit manga, Koe no Katachi!

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