GochiUsa and One Week Friends Brighten Up Shibuya Marui

Wow, another Is the Order a Rabbit? exhibit? Don't look so surprised, Chino! Gochiusa made slice-of-life fresh again and fans in Japan can't get enough. So let's bunny hop over to Marui City in Shibuya to see what's going on!

The main draw was gacha-gacha machines filled with character straps and key holders. 'Gotta love the pin-backs with 8-bit pixel art of the cast. Of course the display cases showed off key kawaii scenes from throughout the series. Please stop teasing us and announce Season 2 already!

We all know who the real star of the show is--Tippy, of course! Yes, he's just as fluffy as he looks. If you've ever wanted an excuse to pet an old man, there you go.

BONUS! One Week Friends is celebrating its stage adaptation with an exhibit next to the one for Gochiusa. Stop by to check out the character goods and promotional art or catch the play through November 24th at the CBGK theater. 

Marui City Shibuya
Event dates: November 14-November 25th
Address: 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Hours: 11:00-21:00
Official homepage: http://www.0101.co.jp/stores/guide/store140.html