Preview: Macross Zero 1/60 Kanzen Henkei VF-0D Phoenix Shin Kudo Model by Arcadia

Ravaged by the Unification War, humanity is on the eve of destruction when the VF-0 rises like a phenonix from the ashes of an alien civilization to give hope to all of mankind! Or something dramatic like that. Hey there, Shizu Mecha here.

From the clipped delta wings to the marine camo coloring, the original variable fighter looks a lot like a modern military machine. Let's see what else it has to offer!

Macross Zero 1/60 Kanzen Henkei VF-0D Phoenix Shin Kudo Model [Arcadia]

Two EGF-127 custom overtuned conventional turbofan jet engines with two-dimensional thrust-vectoring nozzles rated at 91.08 kN and 148.9 kN with afterburning. Don't worry, you don’t have to be able to understand all that to know it sounds as cool as it looks.

Compared to the Valkyries that followed the VF-0 is rather bulky with a remarkably different silhouette. 

The two-seater cockpit comes with Shin and Edgar figures so you can recreate training scenes from the OVA!

The air brakes and medium distance air-to-air missile launchers are adjustable and even feature decals for an extra touch of realism!


SHIN! GERWALK CHANGE! Next up is my favorite--a perfect recreation of the VF-0D GERWALK mode!

The GERWALK got plenty of screen time in Macross Zero thanks to the abundance of recon scenes and I was all the happier for it!

For a protoype the VF-0 was pretty close to perfect, but you'll notice differences in the head parts in this mode.


BATTROID MODE ENGAGED! 1/60 scale sounds tiny until you remember this is a weapon of mass destruction. In battroid mode the VF-0D stands at a whopping 30cm or so!

With the clipped delta wings tucked away this mode takes an imposing triangle shape that will drive Macross Zero fans wild with nostalgia.

I almost for got to mention the obvious--you can transform between all three modes freely and completely!

The larger size allows for more poseability in the hip, elbow and knee joints, making battroid mode even more fun to play with. If you can remember a scene from the anime you can recreate it!

The clear parts and tiny details are all appreciated but the gun metal finish on the gun pod goes above and beyond the call of duty. Bravo, Arcadia!

Typically a highly poseable mecha like this has to make structural sacrifices but this massive VF-O doesn't have a single crevice that doesn't match the original design, regardless of mode.

Since the Macross didn't turn up in 1999 this is the closest we'll ever get to a real variable fighter. What's that? You haven’t ordered one yet? DECULTURE!!

Macross Zero 1/60 Kanzen Henkei VF-0D Phoenix Shin Kudo Model [Arcadia]

(C) 2002 ビックウエスト
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.