News Roundup for November 12th, 2014

Five Figures for K-On!'s Fifth Anniversary

Azusa Nakano figure
Azusa Nakano 2

November 11th was Azusa's birthday and she's getting the best present an anime girl could ask for--a scale figure! Take a sneak peak at the upcoming 1/8 scale sculpt at the official homepage below.

Official homepage:

Madoka is Always in Fashion

Madoka fashion

Want to dress like a magical girl but don't want to deal with the short skirts and frills? Fashion label earth music & ecology are here for you with a line of outfits that Madoka and her friends would wear if only they had a bigger allowance. Check their net shop on November 29th when the items drop.

Official homepage:

Raise a Glass to the Girls of Muse


Charge up your life with the latest Lawsons Love Live! campaign. Buy a three bottle double pack of energy drink Lipovitan D for a glass decorated by your favorite mini-unit or save up on your Ponta point card for a fifth anniversary plate. The campaign runs from now through January 30th so there's plenty of time to collect them all!

Official homepage:

Goku Needs to Get Nerfed

Dragon Ball 2015

Next year's Dragon Ball Z film will be 120 minutes long so whoever the bad guy is must be able to take a beating. But Goku KOed God in his last theatical adventure so what other force in the galaxy can be strong enough to stand up to him? We'll have to wait for the film to open on April 25th.

Official homepage:

Scout the Junk Food Isle

Sailor Moon Frente tortilla chips

Fighting evil by moonlight can give you a mad case of the munchies. That's why Sailor Moon has teamed up Frente, the only tortilla chip maker with flavors fashionable enough to be worth the empty calories. Look for the sailor scouts smiling from bags of avacado cream cheese, bagna cauda and balsamic vinegar-flavored snacks and save the QR code to download the package art for your cellphone.

Official homepage:

Characters and Character Designs From a Different Era

Chou Jikuu Robo Meguru

Giant robots! Hot-blooded heroines! Time travel! Brains Base promises all this and more in their upcoming original anime, Chou Jikuu Robo Meguru (Hyperdimension Robo Meguru). Meguru, our 13-year old protagonist, has her life turned upside down when her descendent travels back from the future with the Dimensional Police on her tail. Can director Keiji Gotoh (Kiddy Grade, Sengoku Collection) pull everything together and make this the next great original anime?

Official homepage:

Robot Zombie Apocolypse

Sweet Hazard

In the future, our cities will be overrun by zombies--but we'll also have androids to clean up for us! Smartphone title Sweet Hazard pits you and your robot body against an endless wave of the walking dead. Buy new weapons, clear missions and make every bullet count as you fight towards the truth behind the outbreak.

Official homepage: