News Roundup for November 11th, 2014

Anime Goes Mental

Depression, Alzheimer's, pedophilia--these serious mental health issues are no laughing matter. That is, unless they're the subject of gag manga Manga de Wakaru Shinryou Naika (Comical Psychosomatic Medicine). Author Yuu Yuuki is a licensed professional psychiatrist so you can take his advice to heart when the anime adaptation starts next February.

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Dojinshi Without Borders

Comiket Special Otaku Summit

Want to be a vendor at Comiket but the language barrier keeps you out? Now's your chance! Comic Special, an offshoot of Comiket, will be held next March and they're looking for foreign participants! Live the dream, make new friends and be part of Cool Japan. Check the official homepage for application details.

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All Aboard for Fun and Factoids

Urawa Usagi anime

Welcome to Saitama prefecture, Tokyo's neighbor in the north! The area is famous for being exceptionally boring but original anime Urawa Usagi looks to remedy this next spring by having moe versions of area train stations introduce you to local lore. With eight girls voiced by adorable seiyuu including Asami Seto, Satomi Akesaka and Rumi Ookubo I'm sure you can find at least one station to get off at.

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Class is in Session

Assassination Classroom looks to be a killer title this winter anime season. Can it be a killer app as well? Bandai Namco Games has a 3DS title in the works but I want to see how they make a game out of an un-winnable scenario. Maybe it'll be like real life, where the point is to learn from your failures. 

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Morale Booster

Team Oarai JSDF

Mie Prefecture is nowhere near Girls und Panzer's Ibaraki Prefecture but that didn't stop this JSDF unit from printing Team Oarai on the side of their tank. Get your tankery up to snuff guys, the Tokyo Olympics will be here sooner than you thank!

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Believe It!

J-World Tokyo

Forget Mt. Fuji, the Imperial Palace, Asakusa Shrine and other hackneyed cultural spots--the real tourist destination is J-World Tokyo in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City! Enjoy food, attractions and shops based on Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and other Shonen Jump favorites. Their new English homepage makes planning a trip even easier.

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