News Roundup for November 10th, 2014

Can't Fight the Moonlight

Sailor Moon season 2

Don't have a pink sugar heart attack--Season 2 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal has been confirmed for January. The key visual teases Chibiusa and the Cutey Moon Rod which means were heading into the Black Moon arc! I can't wait to see the new designs for the outer senshi.

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No Escape from Shimakaze

The latest Kantai Collection anime teaser reveals even more members of the fleet. Has your favorite kanmusu been confirmed yet? The new footage will make history buffs hot under the collar as well. Check out the shiny wood finish of Japanese classrooms from the Imperial era!

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The Power of Love


Fans of bishounen and cute critters, mark your calendars--the original TV anime, Bidan Koukou Chikyuboueibu (Beautiful Boy High School Earth Defense Club), or Boueibu for short, arrives next January. One day a pink wombat gives five mild-mannered boys the power to transform into Battle Lovers and save the planet from, well, that part's not exactly clear. But I bet the results will be hilarious!

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Bringing Sexy Back

UtaPuri Season 3

The boys of Shining Agency return to the small screen next April in Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 3000%. Start the ab training now because their musical numbers will leave your sides sore and you gasping for air.

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Tickle More Than the Ivories

Radio Eva Duo

Show your love for fashion and boy's love with this new Evangelion-themed apparel from design team Radio Eva Duo. The piano keys on the hem represent the scenes of Shinji and Kaoru playing together while the check shirt features an embroidered grand piano. Look for these and other items this month at the Evangelion stores in Tokyo and Ikebukuro.

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Travel at Mach 20 Without Moving

See Korosensei in action in the latest promo for Assassination Classroom. Normally this type of limited animation is a surefire sign of a low budget but for a comedy title the choppy frame rate makes the gags more snappy. We'll have to wait until next January to see if it's a pass or fail.

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Special Delivery from Feather Star

Creamy Mami charms

Transform any item into a cute fashion statement with these Creamy Mami, the Magical Angel charms. String them through your purse, makeup pouch or notebook to let everyone know they're dealing with a magical girl.

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